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Pressure Tanks Installation, Service & Repair

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Pressure Tanks Can Last a Very Long Time with Proper Maintenance. We Suggest Maintenance be Performed at Least Every 5 Years on Your Pressure Tank if You Choose to Not Have Your Yearly Maintenance on Your Entire Water System.

Pressure tanks are an Important Part of Most Water Systems.They Keep Water Pressure at a Constant Level and They Store and Deliver Water to the Home. They Use Air Pressure in a Diaphragm to Push the Water to Where it is Needed While Keeping the Water and Air Separated. Without These Features, the Water Pump Would Cycle (Turn On and Off Quickly), Which Could Lead to Problems and Very Quickly Burn Out the Pump Motor.

When to Call us IMMEDIATELY

  • Surging Water When Running Your Faucets at any Location in Your Home

  • If You Hear Your Pressure Switch Clicking Rapidly

  • Low Water Pressure

  • If You Notice Air When Running Your Faucets 

  • No Water Flow

  • Have a Pump That Seems to be Constantly Running

  • Leaking Tank Or If Your Tank is Buried and You Notice Water Around Where it is Buried

  • Any Signs Of Rust

  • You Start Getting A Higher Electricity Bill Without Apparent Reason

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