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Reservoirs/Water Tank Holding Systems Installation Service & Repair

Do You Have a Low Producing Well?

 A Water Holding Tank System would most likely solve your problem. They can also extend the lifespan of your pump. 

We can also install fail-safes/protective devices to ensure that your pump does not burn out due to lack of water.


Here at Blue Ridge Waterworks, we install and service reservoirs and other water tank holding systems along with either mechanical or magnetic floats that tell the pump when to turn on to refill the reservoir so you always have water when you need it. 


Reservoir tanks are typically buried in the ground to prevent freezing with a manhole port at the top that allows access for maintenance. 


Maintenance of your reservoir is very important. To ensure that you have bacteria-free water it is good practice to maintain your reservoir once a year. Maintenance of a reservoir can include emptying and scrubbing the inside of the reservoir along with sanitizing or just sanitizing depending upon the situation. 

Never Thought About The Possibility That There Could Be Bacteria In Your Water From Your Reservoir? Call Us Today At Blue Ridge Waterworks And Let Us Test Your Water And If Need Be, Chlorinate It To Remove The Bacteria.

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