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Protecting Your Investment

Did You Know That There Are Devices That Will Protect Your Water System?

After installing or repairing your water system, most people want to do everything in their power to protect that investment. Let Blue Ridge Waterworks install a pumptec device or a sub-monitor to ensure the longevity of your water system. These can be installed in residential or commercial properties. 

A pumptec device is a microcomputer-based device that monitors motor load and power line conditions to provide protection against dry well conditions, waterlogged tanks, and abnormal line voltage conditions. Pumptec interrupts power to the motor whenever the load drops quickly or below a preset level. Indicator lights provide complete system status.


A SubMonitor is designed to protect 3-phase pumps with horsepower ratings between 3 and 200 hp. Current, voltage, and motor temperatures are monitored using three integrated current transformers.

These Devices Can Be Installed On ANY Water System. Give Yourself Peace Of Mind And Call Blue Ridge Waterworks Today!

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